What's going on

Agroofood Fair in Tehran


26th International Exhibition of Food, Food Technology & Agriculture will be held in Tehran, Iran 18-21 June 2019. We welcome you at our booth in Hall 7, No. 38. Please come and visit us to discuss how we can provide the services you need or how we can improve the quality of our current services. Hope to see you there.

National Exporter of the Year


After being awarded Shrimp Exporter of the Year in the Hormozgan Province two years ago, MTP has been awarded National Exporter of the Year 2018. This is a great honour for our company which is a result of hard work and also mutual trust between our customers and the company. Thanks to all our valued clients who helped us obtain this achievement

China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2018


We will attend China Fisheries & Seafood Expo 2018 in Qingdao. Please come and see us at booth E1-0919 to discuss a possible business. We would be grateful to hear what you are up to and how we can provide services to your business. Hope to see you there 7-9th November.

Start of shrimp farm construction


All permissions for constructing our 10 farms on a 400 ha piece of land have been obtained from authorities and now it is time to roll our sleeves up. Having started a new processing plant in Bandar Abbas region, there was a need to increase our production to meet our clients everyday increasing demand. The farm has been designed to be completed in 3 phases. By end of this Iranian calendar yearو the first 3 farms each containing 26 ponds will be ready to be stocked. The ponds will have central drainage only and with 3 meters depth for semi-intensive culture

Constructing new processing plant


MTP has invested in constructing new processing plant for shrimp and fish in Hormozgan Province. The new plant will be 20 km away from Bandar Abbas City in Gamberon Industrial City. The plant will be constructed using high standard materials and state-of-the-art equipment. The plant will be a few kilometers away from our 400 ha shrimp farm to make sure shrimp are transported and processed while are fresh and of high quality. It will be completed in July 2019.

Start of first crop shrimp harvest


We start harvesting of the first crop of farmed shrimp in Bandar Abbas, in the south of Iran. The shrimp from more than 25 farmers will be processed in our two processing plants in Tiab region. The main harvest will commence in October 2017.

Visit CP company in Thailand


We were delighted to visit CP company in Bangkok. It was a well organised trip, thanks to CP authorities. We spent the first day at CP Tower meeting experts in marketing, hatchery, feed mill and farming departments and discussed technical aspects of our potential collaboration. The second day we visited CP's Bangbung feed mill and in the afternoon we had tour in the JR hatchery. On 22nd June we had a chance to get CP's facilities for shrimp farming and also their Kleang processing plant. During our final meeting both companies agreed to establish a business partnership by providing services for shrimp farming in the complex belonging to MTP in Iran.

Iran Agrofood Expo, 23-26 May 2017


We had a booth at the Agrofood Expo in Tehran. There were a lot of potential clients who got familiar with our services. The nation’s per capita fish and seafood consumption is less than half as much as the world’s average, however the figure is increasing every year. People's eagerness to add more seafood in their diet was mirrored in their shown interests during the expo.

European Commission Workshop on TRACES


We attended TAIEX workshop on the application of the Trade Control and Expert System (TRACES) organised by European Commission in Tehran, Iran. The aim of the workshop was to provide complete practical training on the use of the TRACES. The workshop addressed the issuance of EU export certificates with specific focus on fish products. By improving the traceability of consignments and facilitating border controls, the application of TRACES would help boost trade between Iran and the EU. In order to ensure the proper co-ordination of all stakeholders concerned, the target audience of the workshop consists of certifying officers, central competent authority supervisors and economic operators.

Attending Brussels Seafood Expo


We are attending The Seafood Expo Global in Brussels, 25-27 April 2017. We are keen to meet people who are interested in doing business with us. Please come and talk to us at Crusta C booth and ask for Joel Le Blank or Ebrahim Gharaee or Abbas Akbaripasand.

Start of shrimp harvesting season


We have based our personnel in Hormozgan Province, Bandar Abbas to collect and process shrimp. This is the second crop of the year as some farmers in Bandar Abbas harvest two times in a year. We pledged to provide around 1600 tons to our customers from Vietnam, The Emirates and France.

Meeting with the representatives of Crusta C and Auchan


We will meet some French managers from two big companies in food business in 2nd February to discuss the possibility of buying a brine machine in our processing plant. The machine would help us bring down shrimp temperature to -10 in just 13 minutes in order to boost shrimp quality when it comes to cooking. The glazing machine also gives shrimp a great taste.

Meeting with shrimp experts from CP


We finished our second shrimp processing of the year. It has been a successful year for us and also for our customers. All containers are being shipped to the destinations in Asia and Europe. Thanks to our 80 employees in the processing plant, harvesting sector and office. We look forward to the new season in June.